In the fall of 2014, LMSC had 65 alumni playing at the college level. Each fall, there are over 60 LMSC playing soccer at the college level. Obviously, many current LMSC players will wind up playing at the college level when they get old enough. Some will play at the NCAA Division I level, others will play at the Division II level, Division III level or possibly at the Community College level.

Players (and their families) who aspire to play at the college level often find it difficult to properly initiate contact with college coaches. They sometimes do not know what is an appropriate level of play for them. They also have difficulty figuring what colleges would be a good fit for them based on the level of play in soccer, academic level, possible majors offered, geographic preferences, social life, etc.

In order to help LMSC travel team players in the older age groups (those currently in high school), LMSC formed the "College Advisory Program" to help those LMSC travel team players who aspire to play at the college level.

The College Advisory Program offers a wide range of help for those players, including:

  • Choosing summer camps where players can be seen by college coaches
  • Participating in holiday break college programs where players can be seen by college coaches
  • Determining what level a player might have a chance of playing at
  • Determining which schools to pursue (based on soccer needs, academic needs, geographic preference, social life, etc.)
  • Helping prospective college players to create a video for coaches to see
  • Making contact with appropriate level college coaches

The College Advisory Program kicked off with an informative one night seminar, held at the Harriton High School auditorium on October 16, 2013. There were several college coaches who talked about the recruiting process as well as a person working in a college admissions department. Also speaking was the parent of two former LMSC players, one of whom played Division 1 soccer at Princeton, the other was recruited by many schools but opted to not play soccer in college.

Notes From Our Initial College Advisory Program Seminar

Notes On Camp Strategies     (written by the Haverford College Women's Head Coach)

Strategies To Ace Your First College Soccer Recruiting Visit

LMSC has several other coaches working in the travel team program who have coached at the college level. Many of these coaches will be available to help our travel team players as well. This includes:
  • Tom Carlin, (U-17 boys Magic): Head Coach for the Villanova University Men's Program
  • Shane Rineer, (U-18 boys Lightning): Head Coach for the Haverford College Men's Program
  • Rudy Fuller (U-15 boys Revolution): Head Coach for the University Of Pennsylvania Men's Program
  • Wayne McKinney (U-13 boys Aztecs): Former Head Coach for Swarthmore University Men's Program
  • Grant Myers (U-8 boys Ginga and U-10 boys Ding): Former Head Coach for the Valley Forge Military College Men's Program
  • Rasheed Epps (U-13 girls Herricanes and U-9 girls Smash): Former Assistant Coach for Rosemont College Men's Team
  • Kevin Rhoades (U-13 girls Herricanes): Former Assistant Coach for Rosemont College Women's Team

For more information on the College Advisory Program, please contact LMSC President Biff Sturla.

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