Many former LMSC travel team players are currently playing at the college level. At last count, we have 58 former LMSC players who played at the college level this fall. A list of those players, along with the school they are attending and their year in school can be found below. Our apologies to any player who we missed.

The NCAA, which most (but not all) colleges are a member of, offer three levels of competition. Division 1 is the highest level and is comprised mostly of large universities where the athletes train year round. At the division 1 level, schools may offer up to 9.9 scholarships for the men's soccer program and up to 12 scholarships for their women's program. At the division 2 level, schools may offer up to 9 scholarships for men's programs and up to 9.9 for women's programs. Division 3 schools may not offer athletic scholarships for any sport. Scholarships are usually only offered in fractions to individual players. Most schools however limit the amount of scholarships to a much lower number than what the NCAA allows. Unlike college football and basketball, very few soccer players are awarded full scholarships. Some leagues such as the Ivy League (U. Penn, Princeton, Harvard, etc.) do not allow schools to offer scholarships for athletics.

Unless you are a national team player, or close to it, soccer players need to realize that scholarships are rare. The best philosophy for those players is to concentrate on having soccer help you get into a school you might otherwise not get into. College coaches can help a player get into a school that he / she might not otherwise get into, but only to a limited extent. In the soccer world, a coach can help a student athlete get into a school that is one level higher academically, but not two or three levels. This is not college basketball or football, the college coaches can only do so much.

Another important philosophy to adhere to is: A student athlete should only choose a school that he or she would like even if he / she were not playing soccer. Is the school a good fit academically? Is the school a good fit socially? Would you enjoy the school even if you were not able to make the soccer team? If not, then this is not the right school for you.

The College Placement Process by Miguel Nuila, LMSC Travel Team Coach

LMSC Players Who Played At The College Level in 2009

(58 Players)

Peter Abudato Lafayette College freshman Arsenal
Will Addis Lehigh University sophomore Arsenal
Julien Aoyama Amherst College freshman Velez
Nick Bibbs Syracuse University sophomore            Arsenal
Paz Breezatl University Of Richmondfreshman Velez
Ann Marie Burke Williams College seniorFireballs
Dalton Carroll Temple University freshman Velez
David Cassanelli Duquesne University juniorNatural Disasters
Hana Chamoun Clark University sophomore Chili Peppers
Greg Cochrane Virginia Tech sophomoreHammerheads
Michelle Conway West Chester University sophomore Stingrays
Max Crockett Drexel University seniorRovers
Danny DiLullo James Madison sophomore Hammerheads
Jon Dolezal University Of Pennsylvania freshman Velez
David Dubow Princeton University sophomoreHammerheads
Voltaire Escalona Brown University freshman Velez
Sam Feldbaum Lafayette College seniorRovers
Sarah Friedman Univ. of Pennsylvania seniorForce
Jennifer Gangl West Chester University sophomoreStingrays
BJ Glenn Lafayette College seniorRovers
Murphee Greeley Lehigh University frsehmanChili Peppers
Jordan Griffith Villanova University seniorRovers
Erringer HelbingArmy junior Riptide
Charles Howard Otero College freshman Velez
Kevin Israel Babson College freshman Velez
Nicholas Irvine Boston University freshman Velez
Peter Jannelli Temple University sophomoreVelez
Tom Kalpokas LaSalle University junior Hammerheads
Jason Kass Kenyon College sophomoreArsenal
Emmanuel KollieOtero College freshman Velez
Drew Kotler Northwestern University senior Rovers
Matt Krantz Franklin and Marshall seniorRovers
Patrick Lawson Johns Hopkins freshman Velez
Daniel Lovitz Elon College freshman Velez
Allison MacNeillNeumann College junior Riptide
Wayne Maminski Lafayette University junior Hammerheads
Dan Mayernick Trinity College junior Rovers
Steve Mayernick Trinity College seniorRebels
Georgie McFarland Colgate University sophomoreHammerheads
Sean McIntyre University of Rochester freshman Velez
Shawn Murphy Albright College freshman Roadkill
Hannah Newman Middlebury College sophomore Stingrays
Olutolani Ibikunle Wake Forest University freshman Velez
Jordan Obrant Syracuse University freshman Hammerheads
Patrick O'Neil Princeton University freshman Velez
Jessica Rosenbluth Penn State University junior Fireballs
Daniel Savaria Muhlenberg College junior Demons
Evan Seltzer Vassar College freshman Velez
Stephen Simonian Lebanon Valley College sophomoreArsenal
Ian Smith Catholic University freshman Velez
Kyle Soroka Villanova University sophomoreHammerheads
Brooke Stokes Bucknell University seniorFireballs
Sean Sullivan Rochester Institute Of Technologyfreshman Velez
Max Tassano Carnegie Mellon freshman Velez
Samantha ThompsonCabrini College sophomore Stingrays
Alec Weiss Villanova University sophomoreHammerheads
Zach Winthrop Lafayette College sophomoreArsenal
Diana Witjyk Ursinus College junior Stingrays

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