In the fall of 2017, there were at least 50 former LMSC players who played at the college level. A list of those players, along with the school they are attending and their year in school can be found below.

Our apologies to any player who we missed. If there is a player missing from the list below, please contact LMSC President Biff Sturla right away.

CONGRATULATIONS TO LMSC KEVIN LAWSON who led Tufts University to the 2016 NCAA Division 3 National Championship. Kevin was in the starting lineup for the national championship game and played a big part in the team's victory.

CONGRATULATIONS TO LMSC ALUMS JUSTIN AOYAMA, MILTON RICO AND CHRIS MARTIN who led Amherst College to the 2015 NCAA Division 3 National Championship. All three players were insturmental in Amherst's championship run.

In 2013, two former LMSC players were named to the NCAA Division III All-America teams. Julien Aoyama, a senior at Amherst College, was named second team All-America while David Rosenfeld, a junior at Franklin & Marshall College, earned third team All-America honors. Aoyama played for the LMSC Velez while Rosenfeld played for the LMSC Roadkill.

The NCAA, which most (but not all) colleges are a member of, offer three levels of competition. Division 1 is the highest level and is comprised mostly of large universities where the athletes train year round. At the division 1 level, schools may offer up to 9.9 scholarships for the men's soccer program and up to 12 scholarships for their women's program. At the division 2 level, schools may offer up to 9 scholarships for men's programs and up to 9.9 for women's programs. Division 3 schools may not offer athletic scholarships for any sport. Scholarships are usually only offered in fractions to individual players. Most schools however limit the amount of scholarships to a much lower number than what the NCAA allows. Unlike college football and basketball, very few soccer players are awarded full scholarships. Some leagues such as the Ivy League (U. Penn, Princeton, Harvard, etc.) do not allow schools to offer scholarships for athletics.

Unless you are a national team player, or close to it, soccer players need to realize that scholarships are rare. The best philosophy for those players is to concentrate on having soccer help you get into a school you might otherwise not get into. College coaches can help a player get into a school that he / she might not otherwise get into, but only to a limited extent. In the soccer world, a coach can help a student athlete get into a school that is one level higher academically, but not two or three levels. This is not college basketball or football, the college coaches can only do so much.

Another important philosophy to adhere to is: A student athlete should only choose a school that he or she would like even if he / she were not playing soccer. Is the school a good fit academically? Is the school a good fit socially? Would you enjoy the school even if you were not able to make the soccer team? If not, then this is not the right school for you.

The College Placement Process by Miguel Nuila, LMSC Travel Team Coach

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(50 players)

Jansen Aoyama Colby College junior Lightning
David Baer Gettysburg College senior Anarchy
Greg Bellwoar Carnegie Mellon University junior Lightning
Matthew Blackman Wesleyan College freshman Rat Pack
Joey Bradley Swarthmore College sophomore Magic
Joe Braun Tufts University sophomore Magic
Maddy Brill-Edwards College Of Charleston junior Cobras
Konrad Bulanowski Goucher College junior Lightning
Michael Burns Trinity College sophomore Magic
Kevin Carvalho Northeastern University junior Lightning
Michael Carr Haverford College junior Lightning
Kayla Cunningham Temple University senior Heart
Madison Dawkins University Of Pennsylvania junior Fightin' Freedom
Colin Deitch Muhlenberg College sophomore Magic
Henry Farr Trinity College sophomore Magic
Kyle Gaeffke Washington College junior Lightning
Giacomo Giordano University of PennsylvaniaFreshman Rampage
Connor Gregory Brown University sophomore Magic
Alec Haas Wesleyan University sophomore Rage
Isaiah Holquist University of Chicago freshman Rat Pack
Tolu Ibikunle George Mason University senior Nimrods
Gabe Ivins Kenyon College freshman Rat Pack
Nick Jannelli Haverford College sophomore Magic
Sebastian Jenkins Franklin & Marshall Collegesophomore Shake N Bake
Mikey Kalpokas Immaculata University freshman Rat Pack
Jackson Kane The King's College sophomore Rowdies
Nicolas Kane Messiah College Freshman Rat Pack
Jerry Karalis Colgate University sophomore Magic
Aramis Kouzine University of Pennsylvania sophomore Lightning
Hans Kroschwitz Old Dominion University freshman Rat Pack
Josh Liss McGill University (Canada) sophomore Magic
Sam McDowell Bowdoin College sophomore Magic
Rocco Mesoraca Ursinus College sophomore Magic
Alex Moureaud Clarkson College freshman Rampage
Jude Morgan Widener University junior Lightning
Patrick Murphy LaSalle University senior Mini-Madrid / Barcelona
Cole Niggeman Franklin & Marshall Collegejunior Lightning
Brendan O'Boyle Widener Univeristy junior Lightning
Moira Petrie University Of Buffalo senior Heart
Cam Ricciardi Swarthmore College junior Lightning
Will Rosenbaum William & Mary University sophomore Lightning
Som Safavi St. Francis University freshman Rampage
Kees Schipper Yale University junior Lightning
Kevin Smolyn St. Francis College freshman Rat Pack
Chrissy Terraces Albright College senior Charge
Liam Thomas York College sophomore Magic
Jimmy Tricolli Emory University sophomore Lightning
Cody Wax Bucknell University freshman Magic
Salina Williford Penn State University senior Heart
Jordan Wix-Rauch Temple University junior Lightning

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