LMSC honors two travel team coaches and one intramural coach at the end of each season as Coach Of The Year winners. Our Award winners are recognized for outstanding contributions to the club as well as overall success in adhering to the club's philosophy of "providing each and every child with a fun filled experience in a soccer environment."

Our Spring, 2022 Girls Travel Team Coach Of The Year Award winner is Jesse Zafiratos, head coach for the Under 11A girls LMSC Swarm team. Under Jesse's leadership, the Swarm had their best season ever this spring, finishing tied for first place in the top flight of the EDP League and reaching the semifinals of the EPYSA state cups, losing in overtime to the eventual state champions. In addition to coaching at LMSC, Jesse is also the head coach for the Cedar Crest College Women's Varsity team. Congratulations to Jesse for being named LMSC Girls Travel Team Coach of the Year.

Our Spring, 2022 Boys Travel Team Coach Of The Year Award winner is Sam Lane, head coach for the Under 18 A boys LMSC Invictus team, head coach for the Under 8 LMSC Wolves and co-head coach for the Under 12 LMSC Shockwave. Under Sam's leadership, LMSC Invictus again advanced to the state cup finals and have advanced to the National Championships in July. They were state finalists in 2022, losing the championship game in overtime. Invictus were state champions in 2021. Sam also did a tremendous job with the new Under 8 LMSC Wolves team who have gotten off to a great start in the travel team program. Sam also helped turn around the LMSC Shockwave U-12 boys, having them play some very nice soccer. Sam is also the head of our College Advisory Program and has gotten LMSC connected with Athlete Match to get our older age players connected with colleges that will fit their academic needs as well as their soccer needs if they choose to continue playing at the college level. Congratulations to Sam for being named LMSC Boys Travel Team Coach of the Year.

Our Spring, 2022 Intramural Coach Of The Year Award goes to Katie Bar and Dori Broudy. Katie has been coaching her daughter Mathilda for over five years, including this spring in the Protons Division for 2013 and 2014 birth girls. Dori has been coaching her son Penn for over five years as well, including this spring in the Intermediates Division for 2013 and 2014 birth boys. Both Katie and Dori were active coaching this past year in the Fall, Winter and Spring Intramural programs. LMSC would like to thank both Katie and Dori for their many years of coaching at LMSC and for helping their players to have a fun-filled experience in a soccer environment. Congratulations to both Katie and Dori on winning this year's Intramural Coach Of The Year Award.


Spring, 2022Sam LaneBoys Travel Program
 Jesse ZafiratosGirls Travel Program
 Katie Bar and Dori BroudyIntramural Program
Fall, 2021Henry FarrBoys Travel Program
 Chris BlackGirls Travel Program
 Brendan SammonIntramural Program
Spring, 2021Franky CarrozzaIntramural Program
 Dale HainesBoys Travel Program
 Jeff RhodesGirls Travel Program
Fall, 2020John WitkowskiBoys Travel Program
 Nico SeveriniGirls Travel Program
 Annie McConnon and Gaby MazzoniIntramural Program
Fall, 2019Anthony HainesBoys Travel Program
 Devon SwaimGirls Travel Program
 Marc SwarbrickIntramural Program
Spring, 2019Kevin RhoadesBoys Travel Program
 Pete GanglGirls Travel Program
 Serhat Sakarcan and Jamie BregmanIntramural Program
2018Brent JacquetteBoys Travel Program
 Kathy PrescottGirls Travel Program
 Pete GarziaIntramural Program
2017Kazim WeekesBoys Travel Program
 Pete GanglGirls Travel Program
 Anthony HainesIntramural Program
2016Jeremiah WhiteBoys Travel Program
 Megan Ostrelich and Kristyn ShanerGirls Travel Program
 Rob AllenIntramural Program
2015Gabe BetancourtBoys Travel Program
 Tom HoneymanGirls Travel Program
 Erik BlindenbacherIntramural Program
2014Ian WildeyBoys Travel Program
 Jeff RhodesGirls Travel Program
 Hanni BlindenbacherIntramural Program
2013Shawn Boney Boys Travel Program
 Jaclyn McGloneGirls Travel Program
 Jennifer GanglIntramural Program
2012Jared Harris Boys Travel Program
 Nico SeveriniGirls Travel Program
 Dale HainesIntramural Program
2011Joe Taylor Boys Travel Program
 Nikki PosillicoGirls Travel Program
 Matt SchwartzIntramural Program
2010Mike FalsettaBoys Travel Program
 Rasheed EppsGirls Travel Program
 Rachel MadelIntramural Program
2009Matt CoxBoys Travel Program
 Julie BattistaGirls Travel Program
 Kaitlyn McCaffreyIntramural Program
2008Ted DomersBoys Travel Program
 Rachel GallegosGirls Travel Program
 Michael PotterIntramural Program
2007Mark WeinmannBoys Travel Program
 Miguel NuilaGirls Travel Program
 Stephen SimonianIntramural Program
2006Matt McConnellBoys Travel Program
 Pete GanglGirls Travel Program
 Dan BubnisIntramural Program
2005Scott FaganBoys Travel Program
 Rob Rooney Girls Travel Program
 Tom Gallagher Intramural Program
2004Will Nord Boys Travel Program
 Rob Taylor Girls Travel Program
 Toni Meiers Intramural Program
2003Gary Smolen Boys Travel Program
 Casey Ichniowski Girls Travel Program
 Michael Mark Intramural Program
2002Tom Pillion Boys Travel Program
 Nikki Posillico Girls Travel Program
 Justin Ceccarelli Intramural Program
2001Walt Einhorn Boys Travel Program
Gabe Betancourt Girls Travel Program
Casey Ichniowski Intramural Program
2000Art Corrado Boys Travel Program
Will Haines Girls Travel Program
Fred Robinson Intramural Program
1999Miguel Nuila Boys Travel Program
Chris Dennis Girls Travel Program
Steven Spencer Intramural Program
1998Rick Whelan Boys Travel Program
Rose Miller Girls Travel Program
Stephan Axelrod Intramural Program
1997George Moore Boys Travel Program
Danielle Fagan Girls Travel Program
Dan Sutton Intramural Program
1996Ray Hurtado Boys Travel Program
Traci Brody Girls Travel Program
Joe D’Orazio Intramural Program
1995Dan Grauman Travel Program
Marty Rubenstein Intramural Program
1994Kip Lord Travel Program
Susan Reynolds Intramural Program
1993Chris CampbellTravel Program
1992Chris ScottTravel Program
1991Lance LaverTravel Program

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