Each year, LMSC honors two travel team coaches and one intramural coach for outstanding contributions to the club as well as overall success in adhering to the club philosophy of "providing each and every child with a fun filled experience in a soccer environment."

Our Girls Travel Team Coach Of The Year Award winner is Kathy Prescott, head coach for the U-12 Thorns. Kathy is also the assistant coach for the Bryn Mawr College Women's team. In her first year at LMSC, Kathy received almost perfect scores in all of the evaluations submitted by the parents of her players. Kathy's players loved her, she taught them a lot while they had a fun time and the parents thought her organizational skills were excellent. Kathy led the Thorns to a record of 6 wins, 1 tie and 2 losses. Congratulations to Kathy on being named this year's LMSC Girls Travel Team Coach Of The Year.

Our Boys Travel Team Coach Of The Year Award winner is Brent Jacquette, Brent took over the LMSC Rats (U-18A boys) last year in the middle of the season after the previous coach abruptly stepped down. Brent reorganized the team and had them playing excellent soccer, leading them to the Under 18 championship of the Region One League comprised of the top 16 teams in Northeastern United States. The Rats defeated McLean Division 3-1 in the Region One semifinals. McLean were National champions two years before. The Rats then defeated SOCA Elite Virginia 3-2 in the championship game. The Rats qualified for the Region One championships and went 2-1, losing to Baltimore Celtic, the eventual Region One Champions and National Champions. Brent is the head coach for the Widener University Men's team where he recently completed his 10th season in charge of the program. This season, in addition to the U-19 Rats, Brent is also serving as head coach for the LMSC Wanderers, our U-16A boys. Congratulations to Brent and thank you for an excellent coaching job this past year. Congratulations to coach Kaz on being named this year's LMSC Boys Travel Team Coach Of The Year.

Our Intramural Coach Of The Year Award goes to Pete Garzia. Pete has been in charge of the LMSC Special Needs Program since 2012. The Special Needs Program is geared towards boys and girls who have physical, mental or emotional limitations that prevent them from being able to play soccer with other children. Some of the players require "walkers" to get up and down the field, other players can play unassisted but at a very slow rate tue to physical or mental limitations. Under Pete's guidance, the program has continued to grow, attracting more players than before. Pete also arranges for the Bryn Mawr College Women's team to put on a special clinic for them each year. Congratulations to coach Pete on being named this year's LMSC Intramural Coach Of The Year and thank for enabling a lot of boys and girls to be able to play soccer each week.

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