LMSC honors two travel team coaches and one intramural coach at the end of each spring season as Coach Of The Year winners. LMSC also honors two travel team coaches at the end of the fall season as Coach Of The Year winners. Award winners are recognized for outstanding contributions to the club as well as overall success in adhering to the club's philosophy of "providing each and every child with a fun filled experience in a soccer environment."

Our Spring, 2019 Girls Travel Team Coach Of The Year Award winner is Pete Gangl, head coach for the Under 19 LMSC Storm and the Under 13 Impact. Pete first coached the Storm back in 2008 in the Developmental Academy. He continued with them all the way through the Under 19 season when Storm made their sixth straight appearance in the state cup finals. The Storm were crowned state champions for their fourth year in a row, qualifying them for the Region One championships where the Storm reached the championship game. Similar to the Storm, the Impact players are developing into an excellent team, have learned the meaning of training hard and enjoying being part of a fun team. This fall, over 20 of the LMSC Storm players will be playing in college, thanks to Pete's great efforts. Since the Storm won't be around any longer, Pete has taken on the role of head coach of the LMSC Lynx, our U-11A girls team. We are confident that the Impact and the Lynx players will develop into great soccer players and even greater young ladies, similar to the Storm. Congratulations to Pete on being named the winner of the Spring, 2019 LMSC Girls Travel Team Coach Of The Year Award.

Our Spring, 2019 Boys Travel Team Coach Of The Year Award winner is Kevin Rhoades, head coach for the Under 17 A Boys team, the LMSC Fever. Under Kevin's leadership, the Fever have turned into one of the top ranked team in Pennsylvania. The Fever had a very successful spring season, playing in US Youth Soccer's National League EDP South Atlantic Division against some of the best teams from Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland. Kevin is also a head coach in the LMSC Development Academy and will be coaching our 2012 and 2013 birth boys D.A. this coming season. Congratulations to Kevin on being named the winner of the Spring, 2019 LMSC Boys Travel Team Coach Of The Year Award.

Our Spring, 2019 Intramural Coach Of The Year Award goes to Serhat Sakarcan and Jamie Bregman. Serhat and Jamie played in the LMSC Travel Team for over a decade and also played for the Harriton High School Varsity for many years. This spring, Serhat and Jamie were freshman at Temple University. They both worked for LMSC on the weekend in many different capacities. In addition, they coached in the boys Intermediates Division, sharing their many years of soccer experience with the next wave of youth players. Congratulations to Serhat and Jamie on being named the winners of the Spring, 2019 LMSC Intramural Coach Of The Year Award.


Spring, 2019Kevin RhoadesBoys Travel Program
 Pete GanglGirls Travel Program
 Serhat Sakarcan and Jamie BregmanIntramural Program
2018Brent JacquetteBoys Travel Program
 Kathy PrescottGirls Travel Program
 Pete GarziaIntramural Program
2017Kazim WeekesBoys Travel Program
 Pete GanglGirls Travel Program
 Anthony HainesIntramural Program
2016Jeremiah WhiteBoys Travel Program
 Megan Ostrelich and Kristyn ShanerGirls Travel Program
 Rob AllenIntramural Program
2015Gabe BetancourtBoys Travel Program
 Tom HoneymanGirls Travel Program
 Erik BlindenbacherIntramural Program
2014Ian WildeyBoys Travel Program
 Jeff RhodesGirls Travel Program
 Hanni BlindenbacherIntramural Program
2013Shawn Boney Boys Travel Program
 Jaclyn McGloneGirls Travel Program
 Jennifer GanglIntramural Program
2012Jared Harris Boys Travel Program
 Nico SeveriniGirls Travel Program
 Dale HainesIntramural Program
2011Joe Taylor Boys Travel Program
 Nikki PosillicoGirls Travel Program
 Matt SchwartzIntramural Program
2010Mike FalsettaBoys Travel Program
 Rasheed EppsGirls Travel Program
 Rachel MadelIntramural Program
2009Matt CoxBoys Travel Program
 Julie BattistaGirls Travel Program
 Kaitlyn McCaffreyIntramural Program
2008Ted DomersBoys Travel Program
 Rachel GallegosGirls Travel Program
 Michael PotterIntramural Program
2007Mark WeinmannBoys Travel Program
 Miguel NuilaGirls Travel Program
 Stephen SimonianIntramural Program
2006Matt McConnellBoys Travel Program
 Pete GanglGirls Travel Program
 Dan BubnisIntramural Program
2005Scott FaganBoys Travel Program
 Rob Rooney Girls Travel Program
 Tom Gallagher Intramural Program
2004Will Nord Boys Travel Program
 Rob Taylor Girls Travel Program
 Toni Meiers Intramural Program
2003Gary Smolen Boys Travel Program
 Casey Ichniowski Girls Travel Program
 Michael Mark Intramural Program
2002Tom Pillion Boys Travel Program
 Nikki Posillico Girls Travel Program
 Justin Ceccarelli Intramural Program
2001Walt Einhorn Boys Travel Program
Gabe Betancourt Girls Travel Program
Casey Ichniowski Intramural Program
2000Art Corrado Boys Travel Program
Will Haines Girls Travel Program
Fred Robinson Intramural Program
1999Miguel Nuila Boys Travel Program
Chris Dennis Girls Travel Program
Steven Spencer Intramural Program
1998Rick Whelan Boys Travel Program
Rose Miller Girls Travel Program
Stephan Axelrod Intramural Program
1997George Moore Boys Travel Program
Danielle Fagan Girls Travel Program
Dan Sutton Intramural Program
1996Ray Hurtado Boys Travel Program
Traci Brody Girls Travel Program
Joe D’Orazio Intramural Program
1995Dan Grauman Travel Program
Marty Rubenstein Intramural Program
1994Kip Lord Travel Program
Susan Reynolds Intramural Program
1993Chris CampbellTravel Program
1992Chris ScottTravel Program
1991Lance LaverTravel Program

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