Several times each year, LMSC donates used soccer equipment to inner city programs or to oversees programs where the equipment will find good use by the local area residents. Donations are acccepted throughout the year from LMSC families, then forwarded to needy programs. If at any time your family has items that you would like to donate, please contact LMSC President Biff Sturla and he will be glad to tell you the best way to get the equipment to us for forwarding.

Many LMSC soccer players donate their cleats when they outgrow them. Old jerseys and shinguards that are outgrown make great donations as well.

Items that are most in need include:

  • soccer balls (size 3, 4 or 5) that still can hold air
  • cleats (must not have the leather ripped and still be safe to wear)
  • shin guards (youth and adult sizes)
  • jerseys (intramurals, travel, etc.)

Our biggest collection drive occurs at Travel Team Registration Night (usually the Wednesday after Memorial Day Weekend), but we will accept donations at any time of the year.

Below is a picture of youth soccer players in Barbados who received several LMSC soccer balls and other equipment from LMSC and other local area youth organizations. This picture was taken by former LMSC coach Allan Greaves who was originally from Barbados and still visits Barbados occassionally.

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