This form must be filled out by anyone earning money from the club as required by the Internal Revenue Service. The form only has to be filled out once, unless the worker changes address.

    The Authorization / Release Form is required of all travel team players. Intramural players do not use it. This form MUST be notarized and must be notarized within the last 365 days. Coaches are required to carry this form for ALL players to all games, practices and tournaments. This form does NOT get turned into the club.

    The Travel Team Player Contract form must be read and signed by both the player and one parent each year. Players will not be issued a player pass unless this form is signed and on file with the club.

    This form must be used when a player is being transfered from one travel team to another tavel team or being released from a travel team during the middle of the travel team season. The form must be signed by the player and one of his / her parents. Once completed, this form must be submitted to the LMSC Travel Team registrar.

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