February 19, 2011 - Getting to the finals of a state cup competition is always very difficult. For a club to have two teams reach the finals of the same competition is almost unheard of. In the Under 10 boys indoor state cups, both the LMSC Sabertooth Rats and the LMSC Quick Boys made it to the finals of the 16 team competition.

The Quick Boys defeated FC Revolution from Reading, 4-1 in one semifinal, while the Sabertooth Rats defeated Lehigh Valley United, 3-1 in the other semifinal. Both teams won all three of their preliminary round games with the Sabertooth Rats defeating Ukrainian Nationals Arsenal 6-0, PA Rush 6-0 and FC York 9-0. The Quick Boys defeated Hulmeville United, T/E Celtics and Chestnut Hill in preliminary round action.

In the finals, the Quick Boys took an early 1-0 lead, but the Sabertooth Rats countered with two unanswered goals to give them their second consecutive indoor state cup championship. The Sabertooth Rats are also the defending outdoor state champions. Back in the fall Delco League season, the Sabertooth Rats beat the Quick Boys 1-0 in the league's division one championship division game, showing why many people feel that LMSC has the two best boys teams in the state at Under 10.

Back Row: Head Coach Biff Sturla

Middle Row: Julian Niggeman, Sebastian Connelly, Tom Bradbeer, Griffin Wada, Sam Wilson

Front Row: Luca Giordano, Harrison Bloch, Jason Aoyama, Harrison Malone, Colin Burn, Justin Nachman.

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