April 23, 2011 - The Hooligans (U-9C Boys) competed in the Robert Urban Memorial Tournament in Media in some rather harsh weather conditions. The team won their first game 3-0 in a relatively lopsided match against Wyoming Valley SC.  The second match was against the more competitive Central Penn Blue.  The Hooligans again got the win 2-0 and another clean sheet! 

Their third match was against the Nether Providence Thunder, a division one Delco League team.  This was a very good match with both teams having good chances, but ended in a 0-0 tie. 

The Hooligans finished the tournament in first place in our division with 22 points, 5 points more than Nether. 

Overall a good showing for our side and it really was a team effort.  The most impressive thing is how stout the Hooligan defense did not give up a goal the whole tournament. 

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