The Internal Revenue Service requires workers receving compensation to provide a completed W9 Form to their employer. Anyone receiving compensation from LMSC, including paid coaches, trainers, administrators, field crew workers and referees are required to complete a W9 Form and submit it to Lower Merion Soccer Club. The form is only required once, not annually.

  1. Open up the W9 document (pdf format) at the link below.

  2. Line 1: Type in your name (as shown on your tax return)

  3. Line 3: For individual workers, check off the box titled "Individual / Sole Proprietor." (If you are a corporation, check either Corporation, Partnership or Limited Liability Corporation.)

  4. Lines 5 and 6: Enter Your Street Address, City, State and Zip Code in the appropriate spaces.

  5. Part I: Enter your Taxpayer Identification Number # (TIN). For individuals, this is your Social Security Number.

  6. Print out Page 1 (do NOT print the entire document)

  7. Part II: Sign and date the block the form.

  8. Scan page 1 (with signature) and E-mail it to us at   soccer@lmsc.net       OR       Print out and mail in page 1 to: Lower Merion Soccer Club, Box 360, Bryn Mawr, PA 19010.

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