The Internal Revenue Service requires workers receving compensation to provide a completed W9 Form to their employer. Anyone receiving compensation from LMSC, including paid coaches, trainers, administrators, field crew workers and referees are required to complete a W9 Form and submit it to Lower Merion Soccer Club. The form is only required once, not annually, unless a worker changes address.

  1. Open up the W9 document (pdf format) at the link below.

  2. Line 1: Type in your name (as shown on your tax return)

  3. Line 3: For individual workers, check off the box titled "Individual / Sole Proprietor." (If you are a corporation, check either Corporation, Partnership or Limited Liability Corporation.)

  4. Lines 5 and 6: Enter Your Street Address, City, State and Zip Code in the appropriate spaces.

  5. Part I: Enter your Taxpayer Identification Number # (TIN). For individuals, this is your Social Security Number.

  6. Print out Page 1 (do NOT print the entire document)

  7. Part II: Sign and date the block the form.

  8. Scan page 1 (with signature) and E-mail it to us at   soccer@lmsc.net       OR       Print out and mail in page 1 to: Lower Merion Soccer Club, Box 360, Bryn Mawr, PA 19010.

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