LMSC Daylight Availability Chart
Use this chart (see link above) to know when it will be too dark to practice at various times of the year. Practices will need to end a few minutes before the times listed. Games will need to end 15 minutes before the time listed. Keep in mind that Daylight Saving Time starts on the second Sunday in March, giving everyone an extra hour of daylight in the evening. Daylight Saving Time ends on the first Sunday in November.

Winter Weather Safety Chart
In the winter, coaches must be aware of the Wind Chill Factor which is a combination of the temperature and the wind speed.
CLICK HERE to see the Wind Chill Temperature Index.
  • Black Zone: Training MUST be cancelled. Teams will be credited for any turf field rentals.
  • Red Zone: Training MUST be cancelled. Teams will be credited for any turf field rentals.
  • Orange Zone: Training is discouraged, unless training during the day and in the sun. We will try to get a credit for any turf field rentals if cancelled, but this is not guaranteed. If teams do train, coaches should consider shortening the practice time and be sure that players can quickly get to a warm area as soon as practice is over.
  • Yellow Zone: It is OK to train, but players should wear hats and gloves. They also need to dress in layers that they can shed, if necessary.
  • Green Zone: Training is as normal.
Practices also must be cancelled if there is ice on the field. This makes for a dangerous situation.

Indoor practices must be cancelled if driving conditions are not safe.

The "simplified" policy at Proving Grounds and Tees is that they will allow for a cancellation if it is 25 degrees or lower. This does not take into consideration the wind which also affects safety. Cancellations to Proving Grounds or other field rental sites must be made in writing to the organization by the LMSC President. Travel teams with questions about whether to cancel outdoor practices on any given night should e-mail LMSC President Biff Sturla.

Summer Heat And Humidity Safety Chart
CLICK HERE to read US Soccer's "Heat Guildelines," including a description of how to calculate whether it is safe to play, based on your area's current temperature and relative humidity. This does NOT take into account wind speed or low light conditions.

The WeatherFX App - The Weather FX App is available for both Apple devices and Android devices. The App will estimate the effects of warm weather on human physiology. The app can povide guidance on work/rest ratios and fluid intake due to high temperatures. It uses information from the closest weather station to you. Most important, the app will give you a "flag condition" color which can be any of the following:

BlackExtreme ConditionsNo Outdoor Training, delay training until cooler, or Cancel Training
RedHigh Risk for Heat Related IllnessMaximum of 1 hour of training with four 4 minute during the hour. No additional conditioning allowed.
Orange   Moderate Risk for Heat Related Illness   Maximum of 2 hours of training with four 4 minute breaks each hour, OR a 10 minute break every 30 minutes of training.
YellowLess Than Ideal ConditionsThree Separate 4 minute breaks each hour, OR a 10 minute break every 40 minutes of training
GreenGood ConditionsNormal Activities. Three Separate 3 minute breaks each hour of training, OR a 10 minute break every 45 minutes


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